For Parents - No Dogs Policy

We need to be mindful that children are the first priority in a school environment and that some children and even adults are unfamiliar and/or afraid of dogs & other animals. It is because of this reason that we have a strict NO DOGS POLICY. This includes dogs owned by families, staff and school visitors, including tradespeople. Our priority is to keep all members of the Balingup PS community safe. There is no “safe” dog. Small dogs account for more than half of serious attacks on children. Friendly dogs are still a risk around children. Family pets account for 40% of attacks.


Please leave your dogs at home when you are dropping off or collecting your children. If you see someone with their dog on the grounds could you remind them (and notify the Administration team) of this rule, which has been made to ensure the safety of your child. 


No Dogs on School Grounds Policy


Emma Bancroft