Independent Public School


Balingup Primary School is a Level 3 primary school located in the town of Balingup, 240 km from Perth midway between Donnybrook and Bridgetown, in the famous timber and fruit growing area of the South West. It services the local agricultural and tourist town, as well as catering for students from nearby properties.




SKILLS 4 SCHOOL PROGRAM - 10 & 17 Nov /1 & 8th Dec

21st - 25th November - Swimming Lessons (PP - Yr 6)

Wednesday 30th November - Community Garden Walk

Friday 2nd December - Assembly (Rm 2) 2:30pm

Thursday 8th December - Year 6 Transition BHS

Wednesday 14th December- Graduation Concert 5:30 pm

Thursday 15th December - Community Day

- Last Day of School


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