Curriculum - English

In 2016, Balingup Primary School implemented a new whole school literacy strategy that enhances the academic results of each student. This effective and robust program addresses the key areas of literacy and gives your child an intensive individualised literacy instruction.

We make it our goal to find, understand and implement the latest in literacy research. All of our programming is differentiated and tailored to suit the needs of your child.

We implement:

West Australian Curriculum (click here)

Early Years Learning Framework (click here)

PLD Literacy and Learning (click here)

Oxford Sight Words (click here)

Reading A-Z (click here)

Levelled Reading Books

NSW Foundation Font

Florida Centre for Reading Research (click here)


Our whole school program runs each morning of the week from 8:45am - 10:35am. In these sessions we focus on the following:

Alphabet Skills

Phonological Awareness

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Pre-Writing Skills

Oral Language Development


Spelling and Reading

Guided Reading

Guided Writing

Sight Words



Speaking and Listening


The West Australian Curriculum sets targets for what students should achieve as a mimimum in each year level.

Click on the links below to see what your child should achieve as a minimum standard in each year level.

Students on an Individual Education Plan will follow teacher set standards and may not follow these ones listed.

If you have any comments or concerns please see your classroom teacher for assistance.